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03 May

On last 15th of April, the European Commission launched the first call for proposals under the new European Solidarity Corps (ESC) for the 2021-2027 period. In our 25th April Edition of CallforEurope Magazine, we made a long review of the ESC programme and new funding opportunities. 

So far, 275.000 young people have joined the European Solidarity Corps, and some 50,000 participants have started their activities. Based on the success of the initiative, the European Solidarity Corps continues its activities for 2021-2027 and extends them to volunteering in the field of EU humanitarian aid. Endowed with a budget of €1.009 billion, the ESC new programme is expected to offer opportunities to at least 270,000 young people in the next 7 years throughout Europe.

On April 2021, the Commission published the first annual work programme and the Programme Guide 2021. Many funding opportunities are available for civil society organisations wishing to implement solidarity projects with the participation of young people.

What kind of activities are funded by the ESC 

The new ESC Programme will be funding many kinds of activities referred to: 

- Volunteering initiatives;

- Volunteering Teams in high priority areas;

- Solidarity projects.

In the 25th April edition of our weekly magazine, we go into detail about eligibility conditions, funding opportunities, deadlines of the 2021 European Solidarity Corps funding calls. You can get it here.

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