The Weekly Magazine that keeps you always up-to-date on European Funds

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Keeping an eye on every new European opportunity is a very time-spending task. The CALLforEUROPE Magazine lets you get rid of all of it! With very low price you get all information on each new EU call for funding.

Every week an average of 100 European calls are open for funding. Most of the time you need to:
- search for new EU funding calls suitable for your projects;
- study eligible conditions for your organisation;
- search for new partners to work with for your project applications.

Get the CALLforEUROPE Weekly for only 1,95€ and discounted price for monthly subscriptions. You'll be always updated on all European calls open for the next 6 months, with a full monitor and thorough review for each of them. Moreover, with the purchase of the Weekly, you'll get a full access for three months to our CALLforEurope Newsletter, that alerts you by free email on every newly published European calls.