IN this issue, we cover the full 132 European Calls for proposals now open for the next 6 months Get a look on it here! The new CERV (Citizens, Equality, Rights, Values) Programme has issued many new calls in these days. They concern active policies for promoting rights and equality throughout Europe. We reviewed all the funding calls. On April, the European Solidarity Corps issued the new Programme for 2021-2027 period and the funding plan for the current year was published as well. We wrote a detailed review of the ESC Programme and its funding strands for supporting volunteering initiatives and solidarity projects proposed by and for young people in Europe. We also reviewed the European Innovation Council Transition Open new funding call for almost 60 million €. EUROPEAID funds 2 new open calls for development this week. As a whole, our Magazine today includes 132 Synopses on open European calls for the next six months. Have a nice read!

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