Our news and comments on new EU funding opportunities

Local Authorities to be funded on renewable energy initiatives - the 4th EUCF call is open!
2 min read
  •  22/06/2022 08:17

At the 4th funding call recently issued, the EUCF intends to support the design of investment plans from municipalities / local authorities (or their groupings). These plans are expected to mobilise investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The EUCF Call is expected to fund feasibility studies, engineering analyses, legal analyses, social studies, market studies, financial analyses, and further supporting tasks, all aimed at design invesment plans on renewable energy projects at local level.

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The Oceans and Seas Mission under Horizon Europe: new funding calls for research and innovation
3 min read
  •  29/12/2021 07:21

Our article on the new missions of Horizon Europe on restoring our Oceans and Seas. A full description of the new funding calls under the Horizon Europe Programme.

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The European Solidarity Corps - new initiatives for 2021
1 min read
  •  03/05/2021 21:41

A new article on the european funding opportunities offered by the European Solidarity Corps Programme

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Combining Art and Technology for innovative perspectives: the S+T+ARTS initiative
3 min read
  •  02/02/2021 17:46

S+T+ARTS initiative is a project funded by the European Commission to foster new alliances of science, technology and the arts. The idea is that the combination between science and technology with artistic contributions can give new perspectives for research and business. Funding and collaboration of art and technology can stimulate innovation across different programmes. Read our full comment on S+T+ARTS initiative and its funding opportunities in the next months.

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