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02 Feb

S+T+ARTS initiative is a project funded by the European Commission to foster new alliances of science, technology and the arts. The idea is that the combination between science and technology with artistic contributions can give new perspectives for research and business. Funding and collaboration of art and technology can stimulate innovation across different programmes.
The initiative is developed through different dimensions that are expected to complement all opportunities and services offered by STARTS.  

The main goal of the STARTS initiative is the inclusion of artists in innovation projects funded by the research programme Horizon 2020. Funding includes: 

  • starts residencies of artists in technology institutions and of scientists and technologists in studios of artists; 
  • starts prizes,  that are intended to give visibility to the most forward-looking collaborations between ICT and the Arts that have contributed to the creation of new product or services;
  • lighthouse pilots that support research projects that seek novel technology solutions for industry and society;
  • academies where techologists and artist collaborate to teach digital skills to kids and young adults;
  • regional centres intended to disseminate information on the STARTS initiative at local level in different European regions.

Opportunities are many and are offered by public calls issued in the current period. You can check on them here. Some with deadline in the next months, are

  • 1st Better Factory Open Call: a preliminary call with deadine on next March, aims at selecting innovative challenges addressed by Manufacturing SMEs and Mid-caps and to identify Artists and Tech Suppliers willing to address and collaborate with the Manufacturing SMEs;
  • STARTS Prize yearly competition, that awards two innovative projects at the nexus of science, technology and the arts, with significant impacts on economic and social innovation. Awards will be for each prize, of €20.000 and be prominently featured at Ars Electronica and other events of the consortium partners  

We'll be covering the S+T+ARTS initiative Calls in our CALLforEUROPE Weekly. 

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