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23 Dec

Under the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Value Programme (CERV) Programme a new big call for proposals (with 51M EUR available on total) has been recently issued. As it is mentioned in the call, Civil society in Europe has a key role to play in upholding the common values on which the EU is founded: the rule of law, fundamental rights and democracy. Civil society organisations act as promoters of EU values and as watchdogs to monitor the upholding of democratic values in the EU and contribute to checks and balances, together with independent courts, media and other stakeholders.With this background, the general objectives of the CERV call are to protect, promote and raise awareness of EU fundamental rights and values by supporting local, regional and/or national civil society organisations and increasing their capacity thereby also strengthening the effective application of the Charter and the respect of the rule of law and of democracy in the EU. The specific objective of the call is to select and support a limited number of intermediaries in the greatest number of Member States, capable of building the capacities of a large number of civil society organisations (CSOs) active at local, regional and/or national level in the fields covered by the CERV programme, including through providing them with financial support.Eligible applicants must be legal entities (public or private bodies), established in EU Member States, nonprofit-making, independent and civil society organisations. Applicants must apply for proposals not lower than EUR 2 500 000 or higher than EUR 4 000 000. Applicants must foresee the provision of specific activities in their project: a) measures of financial support to other civil society organisations active at local, regional and national level and which promote and protect fundamental rights and EUโ€™s values, and carry out activities in the fields covered by the CERV programme (for a maximum amount per third party of EUR 60 000); b) Capacity building initiatives for CSOs, including technical and methodological support, training and building the capacity and sustainability of CSOs, thematic training and awareness-raising for CSOs on the rule of law and fundamental rightโ€™s culture in the EU and its Member States; fostering and facilitating networking.The European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) will be managing the funding call.

Final deadline for project proposals of this call is on next 29th of March 2021

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