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11 Dec

The European project MediaFutures launches its first Open Call to select artists and startups eager to reshape the media value chain through innovative, inclusive and participatory data applications.
The Open Call requires participants to join one of the following participation tracks:
1) Artists for Media - the track aims to support independent artists or art companies to develop an innovative artwork concept and production process. For this path, new ideas and experiences should be proposed that critically and materially explore data and technology to question their impact on individuals and society. The focus will be on data relevant to the media value chain, including social media. A maximum grant of 30,000 euros will be awarded to five art projects. One of them will receive an additional prize of 5,000 euros;

2) Startups for citizen - the path aims to support startups in developing new approaches to make online content more diversified and their creation more transparent. The focus will be on areas of public interest: journalism, science education and digital democracy. A maximum grant of 65,000 euros will be awarded to the selected startups;

3) Startup meet artist - In this path MediaFutures will support teams made up of a startup and an artist to collaboratively develop a new concept of data technology and arts. Supported projects will create new experiences that will make data exploration fun and informative, based on the products, services and technologies used or developed by the startup. A maximum contribution of 80,000 euros will be assigned to the selected startups, while a maximum contribution of 40,000 euros will be assigned to the selected artists. For this track, the artist and the startup must apply together. 

Candidates will also have to choose one of the four proposed challenges. Three of them are related to the coronavirus infodemic, the fourth is open to other topics:
Challenge 1 - Viral complexity

Challenge 2 - Building Bridges

Challenge 3 - The new mediators

Challenge 4 - Open Challenge.

In addition to financing innovative ideas and products, the startups and selected artists will receive technical support, legal support, mentorship and training in pitching, social innovation, data viz & analytics, public funding, promotion through EU events.
The deadline for submitting applications is January 28, 2020.

For more info on the call, loook at the document: https://mediafutures.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/MediaFutures_Challenges_OC1.pdf

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