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23 Dec

A new big call under the Single Market Programme (former COSME Programme) has been recently issued by the European Commission. The call is titled "COVID-19 Recovery through sustainable Tourism Growth and SME Support" and makes available 12.4 M EUR for EU action grants aimed at sustaining SMEs active in the field of tourism. The current COVID-19 vaccination campaign is giving breath to tourism SMEs for recommencing their activity and hoping for a full recovery of their businesses. The core idea under the new funding call is to help touristic ecosystems across Europe to embrace new practices inspired to important principles such as climate neutrality, biodiversity valorisation, social sustainability, innovation exchange, etc.The call will be managed by the EISMEA (European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency).It is expected to fund consortia each helping at least eighty tourism SMEs from a minimum of three eligible countries. Activities to be funded will include dissemination and communication activities; Capacity building activities; Direct support activities for individual tourism SMEs; Project management activities; transnational exchange of good practices. Financial support to third parties (tourism SMEs) will be provided via an open call in the form such as vouchers, grants and/or lump sums.

Final deadline for project proposals of this call is on next 16th February 2021

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