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27 Sep

Europe is fighting for promoting scientific research and innovation as a crucial factor for sustaining our future society. Public awareness on the importance of scientific research and innovation must be increased among citizens.For achieving these aims, science journalists can have an important and active role. They help common citizens to understand better the achievements of the most recent scientific discoveries. They know how to explain in clear words the impact of the scientific research and innovation on our current society and economy. Nonetheless the Covid-19 crisis had a negative consequence on the journalist professions all over Europe, including those who are specialized on news from science and research. 

Taking in account all of this the European Research Council published recently an important call for funding. The aim is to support an organization that will promote and manage short-term internships (for max 5 months) for science journalists. A very innovative initiative, it will be funded by the ERC offering to journalists an opportunity to stay in research centres across Europe. They will have the opportunity to learn and work on in-depth reporting projects by immersing themselves in the research environment and interacting with scientists and scholars.This service will be provided for 48 months with a max awarding sum of 1.5M€. 

Deadline for applying to the call is on next 15 December 2022.

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