Hello readers! In the 23rd of April 2023 edition, we included in our review various EU calls published during the current week. This week the LIFE Programme with the CINEA as responsible delegated agency, issued 14 new funding calls. Under Life Programme, calls fund different types of projects: Standard Action Projects (SAP), that pursue the specific objectives of the LIFE programme; Strategic Nature Projects (SNAP) that support the achievement of Union nature and biodiversity objectives by implementing coherent programmes of action in Member States; Strategic Integrated Projects (SIP), that implement, on a regional, multi-regional, national or transnational scale, environmental or climate strategies or action plans; Technical Assistance Projects (TA); Other Action Grants (OAG); Operating Grants (OG) that support the functioning of non-profit making entities which are involved in LIFE Projects. Other funding calls have been published under COSME and SMP Programme together with EUROPAID new funding calls. Have a good read!


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