In this issue we offer an article on the new calls recently published by the European Executive Agency (CHAFEA) on the promotion of agricultural products in Europe. A total of €86 million will be dedicated to co-financing promotion programmes and campaignsin line with the European Green Deal ambitions, and in particular with the Farm to Fork strategy. NEW CALLS REVIEWED IN THIS ISSUE: Overall, the second part of the Magazine, includes 72 European Calls for funding, open for the six months, included in the following thematic sections: THEMATIC SECTOR # Education, VET, Culture 4 Employment, Social Inclusion 4 Energy, Environment, Climate Change 4 Enterprise, Economic Development 23 International Cooperation and Development 17 Regional Development and Neighbourhood Policies 2 Research & Innovation 18 Each call is reviewed and resumed in single Synopses, where data, objectives, eligible activities and applicants, available funds and other information are collected for the reader. Tools are offered for downloading the single Synopsis, to get alert information on other news, and to access to partners'search platforms.

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